Getting Ready For Spring and Another Contest Season

Last Saturday my photo club held a meeting to get started shooting photos and entering contests for 2011. We decided to meet on the third Saturday of every month to go out on photo trips. The first outing will be this month on March 19th.

I'll be posting details of our outings along with photos of the places we travel to through out the year. Last year some of our members won gold, silver and bronze medals and many honorable mentions. One member, Yoon Daejin, won two golds, two silvers and other awards. His prize money totaled in the thousands of dolars.

We elected Mr. Yoon our club leader and another gold medal winner his assistant. Also, among our members we have three members who are already well known pro photographers. With their permission, I'll be posting some of their photos also.

The photo to the left was taken at our meeting. Mr. Yoon is in the foreground, yellow shirt, and I'm sitting to his left, wearing a hat, a few members were not able to attend but it looks like we will start the season with about twelve members.

My next post will be on the 21st, after our first outing.