A small shop in Frogmore, on historic St. Helena's Island.  St. Helena's is one of the sea islands near Beaufort, and many argue it may be the site of one of the oldest European settlements in the new world.  The island was home to large plantations that produced indigo, cotton and rice, and were worked by a large slave population.  The blending of so many traditions produced the rich Gullah culture which is still in evidence today.

St. Helena's has retained its rural, agricultural character, and unlike many of the islands along the coast, is not dotted with gated resort communities.  Frankly, I think that is why I like it so much. There are a couple historic sites that I love to photograph, namely the ruins of the old Chapel of Ease, and the site of the former Fort Fremont, deactivated about a century ago.

They island may be best known as the location of Penn Center, a school which was established in 1862 for newly freed slaves.