Fun in the Sun

Fun and outrageous were the order of the day at the inaugural Kommetjie festival surf showdown. Needing little excuse to dress up (or dress down in most cases), local surfers hit the frigid water of Longbeach in an array of crazy costumes and strange craft, hoping to snag one of the events three fun prizes.

Chip Snaddon won an O’Neill wetsuit for the “Best dressed” with his brilliant environ-mimicking of the seasonal blue bottle, while Mikah Burger won a custom surfboard for “Most original craft” with his out-of-this-world alien UFO, but hands down the most radical as usual was Michael Grendon on his “Bob the Builder” ladder and surfboard hybrid, which won him the “Most entertaining” surfer, and it sure was entertaining. Wearing nothing but his trusty speedo, Michael would paddling into the chilly-willy water on his longboard and hastily ascend the steps on his strapped down ladder. Needless to say it was a hilarious sight.

The idea behind the festival was to raise funds for various community organizations and projects and most importantly to build community spirit. A portion of the proceeds will be going towards the Kommetjie Pre-primary swimming pool.

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