Taking Off - Surfer Magazine

On a recent journey to the sun-scoured Atlantic coast of Morocco, Alex Knost laid down some unusual lines with the help of this DIY craft. The Californian has been making his own boards for a while now (he's nearing his 100th self-shaped board), and this particular late -'60s/early - '70s-inspired hybrid is a good example of the kind of shaping he's interested in - transitional designs that incorporate positive elements from different eras. And while riding inconsistent hand-shapes from an inexperienced shaper makes getting consistently god boards infinitely tougher, Knost doesn't seem to mind. "There's no reason I should ride consistent boards," he laughs. "Making my own boards has helped me learn to be more connected. I'm not sure if it makes me surf better, but it certainly makes it more interesting." - Photo caption by Surfer Magazine


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