Gigabytes and Barrels - A Surfers Path editorial

After three expeditions to this coast, the saying “We define ourselves by our actions” has redefined itself in my mind. We’re treading a very fine and delicate line by documenting this coast and the amazing waves it holds. Too easily we could ruin what guys mentioned above have come to cherish and hold dear. Who are we to “expose” this area to the world? A good question.

Yes, we’re surfers, through and through, doing our best to live the dream and lifestyle we have all fell in love with. And no, we’re not exposing anything, we’re documenting the dream, and in doing so, keeping it alive for so many who can’t just pack everything up on a whim and go feral for a week or two. The question really is, what will we do with the great responsibility that comes with a discovery of this kind?

“We define ourselves by our actions”, so let those actions speak louder than words, and lets look after the places and people where these beautiful waves are found. - Excerpt from 'Gigabytes and Barrels', originally written for Zigzag, now published in The Surfers Path. For the full story pick up a copy of the latest Surfers Path # 88


Keep The Faith, Live The Dream