The life of a cover

Selecting a front cover of any magazine is a difficult task, almost as difficult as it is to capture one. This particular photograph of mine took a little over a year to get. Mikey February and I must have made at least 10 trips up the West Coast during the past year in search of the perfect conditions and waves for a cover, but alas no worthy cover shot. We didn't let it get us down, and continued to try at Longbeach, Noordhoek, Dias Beach and many others. Finally just two days before he had to leave our beloved South Africa for a year abroad, we nailed this one frame during a short session down the beach at our favourite spot. We weren't out for long; my housing "misted" up for the first 15 minutes, a not-so-friendly kneeboarder burnt Mikey on possibly the best wave of the day, and Mikey only had an hour before a crucial embassy appointment, but we finally nailed it. Thanks for the patience Mikey!

Sometimes, more often than not, photographs are just born that way. You can't force them to come to life or will the opportunity to fit into your schedule; but once you actually stop searching for them, as with most things in life, they flash by in a micro-second, almost too quick to capture. Make the most of life's opportunities when you see them, however brief the moment.


Keep The Faith, Live The Dream